Dentists in Mitchells Plain (7798)

As each generation is more likely to keep their teeth longer than past generations, there will be more need for dental care in the years to come. In addition, studies continue to further the importance of oral health in terms of overall health, thus spurring an increasing number of clients to see the dentist. Cosmetic dental services such as teeth-whitening treatments have become increasingly popular, enlarging the number of people dentists treat nowadays.

Dentists in Mitchells Plain are committed to a broad array of tasks, which comprise:

  • removing tooth decay and filling cavities
  • examining x-rays
  • placing protective plastic sealants
  • straightening teeth
  • repairing fractured teeth
  • performing corrective surgery
  • supporting gums to treat gum diseases
  • extracting teeth
  • make models and measurements for dentures to replace missing teeth
  • administer anaesthetics and write drug prescriptions

In addition, you are given advice on how to keep your teeth in optimal condition. But you are also given instruction on diet, brushing, flossing and the use of fluorides as well as on other aspects of dental care.

New technologies allow for less invasive, faster procedures, minimising pain during dental treatment. Furthermore, the new technologies contribute to the fact that dentists get to see more patients in a considerably smaller period of time, reducing the time needed to see each patients and allowing dentists to expand their practices.

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